Hitchhicking rules


The game consists in reach to destiny without use any public transport.

The player must be located besides the road or highway. must extend one arm with the thumb also extended , the other fingers refolded and smile kindly. ( consider that extend the thumb in some countries it means something like fuck you so the player must search for another alternative)

The player will must wait patiently until an eventually future friend will stop and will invite to him to share the journey.

The driver will ask things such where is the player coming from, how is that place, where we want to go and if he likes the place he is traveling through.

The top brands cars such as Ferraris, Mercedes Benz, lamborghini, porsche, etc, are considered with  low probabilities to enter in the game in opposite situation comparing with vehicles more crumbled that has more possibilities to stop.


Smile Kindly, important rule for the game of life. Osaka Japan.


A player at an adverse field, all the cars go on another direction. be patient. georgian-turkish border.

The drivers of crumble cars and trucks are, according to the surveys, suffer from excellent heart health. unfortunately , we don’t have data from the high end cars drivers.

In case of bad weather, is important to find a suitable place to carry on with the practice . the most suitable is the indoor mode with its take place at service or petrol stations, tolls or shelters.

Like at football and different of what one can suppose, the muddy field makes the things more difficult.


No cars? relax. Mongolia.

The rain is not propitious for make new friends. A mathematic survey from the ancient Greece says that the probabilities that a player has to be lifted for a new friend on a rainy day are inversely proportional to the quantity of water that is falling at that moment.

The romans, more subjectives held that depended on how wet the player is.

The break of preconcerts add a very important mark in the game. for example:

We believe that a Mercedes Benz will never stop and stop, or a muslim takes the player near his destiny and to win the game, adding many points , breaking the concept of muslim=terrorist.


Fancy car, broken preconcept. South Korea.

It is strictly prohibited any monetary transaction either get or give money away. the player who infringes this rule would be penalized by the god of the highway soon or later .

In case of idiomatic barrier,  all possible means are allowed for an optimal communication  such as signs, dictionaries, mobiles phones, apps, body language etc.


any feature is allow to get out from the siberian cold. Russia.

In exchange, the player must offer a genuine cultural exchange experience through words, new ideas, information even material objects that could represent his culture or not and give to the driver the possibility to meet people from very far away countries and tell in first person avoiding the information that comes through satellite.

The player must be interested and try to inquire into the costumes, how is life there and maintain attentive the senses to music, smells and flavors that could appear at any time during the way.

The idiomatic barrier , the fatigue and mood could be cause of a silent trip. sometimes even when there is silence and no verbal communication, there is some kind of complicity and will be totally valid. Just the simple companionship will be enough and both sides have won a new friend in this game where everybody wins.


The postman is a good friend of hitch hike players in Taiwan. Taroko, Taiwan.

And the winners are…