we are the boring guys


They say we are Barbara and Dario, two homosapiens born in a place called Argentina. As any other neighbor’s son we had the same dreams as the common man, being singer, football player, rockstar o whatever that give us the possibility to travel.

Nowadays with our early thirty something on our backs, we realized that we do not have much virtue , neither the talent that these activities required but we still can do something, just to travel around the world as we are.

we quit our jobs , rented out our flat, we sold the fridge and we headed to the airport for the first time on 10th August 2012 with India as destiny without any other certainties in our backpacks. as the km pass by the plan came itself: to join symbolically  the 5 continents under our project “Pangea”

As is cheaper write than goes to the psycologist we decided to start this blog and show our life on the road and the most important , to tell histories and give the chance to see the world to those who can not.

let’s travel together

Barbara and Dario



  1. Sofia · septiembre 4, 2016

    Hola chicos!! que buen viaje 🙂
    Nosotros estamos pasando del Mediterraneo al Etse, de a poquito. Queria preguntarles sobre su experiencia para sacar la Visa a Iran. Tenemos pasaportes argentinos….
    es necesario tener previamente tramitado el codigo de autorizacion con una agencia de viajes para entrar por tierra a Iran? o lo podemos pedir directamente en la embajada?
    esperamos su respuesta…
    Facundo y Sofia

    Me gusta

  2. Sofia · septiembre 4, 2016

    por cierto, mi correo es cualsofista@yahoo.com.ar
    🙂 dicen que somos aburridos….

    Me gusta


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