Jordan in 19 images

Could be 20 but we like the number 19.


view from our tent. Wadi Rum desert, south Jordan.

Jordan is a kingdom of peace between places in conflict,we travel all the way hitch hicking and doing free camping without any problem. we were invited to spend the night at the house of the 80% of the people who picked us up.

the photo before was taken by a Nabatean temple of 2000 years, near where we set up our tent, in Wadi rum. the Nabateans were the civilization that left the heritage of the modern arabic writing but despite this there is no much information about them.



Roman amphitheater of Amman. was created on 2nd century a.c. and has 6000 seats when the name of the city was Philadelphia under the roman empire.



Going out from Wadi Rum, we started to walk from the small village within the reserve area and 20 minutes later a car stopped for us and took us to Aqaba where we had to take the boat back to Egypt. the red stuff on the backpack is our blanket.



floating on the dead sea. is actually a salt lake that is in the lowest place of the world comparing with the sea level. due it high density because its salt, is possible floating easily without effort. we had to do it…


Vandalism in petra. is sad to pay the high price of the ticket entry to petra  (50 dinars something like u$ 70) and find this graffitis on a 2000 years facade, a world heritage.


the beduins in Wadi Rum are nomads that has different tribes. when the borders were set, the tribes were divided between Jordan and saudi Arabia. some of them live on tourism some other still on their live cattle and camels.



the monastery in Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world made by the man. is an entire city made on the rocks although some archeologist says that most of the great facades are tombs.


Temple of Hercules in Amman. the capital of jordan is one of the oldest cities in the world  and you can realize easily as you will see roman, byzantine and umayyad remains.


Red sand red baby, at Wadi rum, just 50 km away from the Saudi Arabian- Jordan border.


Beduin forces officers in Petra, they are considered the heirs of this place that’s why you can see a strong beduin presence all over the place. some of them still use the traditional wearing some others not.


Our beduin friend Yoma picked us up on the way to Wadi Musa, where Petra is, and invited us for a tea despite he did not speak any english at all. he lived in a tent at the mountains taking care of his cattle. this is a good example about that sometimes does not matter which language you speak if you have something to say.


To put a picture of a camel is a must if you been in the middle east. this one was in Wadi Musa.


You can see the marks of the bullets of the treasures hunters of early 20 century on the facades at Petra. there was a myth that said there was a treasure inside the facades somewhere in the pink city.


The hand of hercules, Amman.


A beduin woman comes to work every day for sell souvenirs to tourist from the village near Petra. the impact of Siria conflict is visible in the few tourists you can see here today and is affecting its economy.



Despite they are in the picture, the main transport at Petra are donkeys and horses, nowadays camels are sold for eat its meat. sad.


On the way to…



These are not just stones on the ground,there is the mosque of the beduin family where we spend one night. always pointing to Mecca, on that way 50 km from here Saudi Arabia.


Our friend Salem was a truck driver who was out of duty and drove us from the dead sea to Madaba. He has 2 wives , yes 2. even the islamics laws allow until 4 but he said that 2 is enough.



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