Our top 5 countries in almost 4 year traveling.

we were on debt, after 3 years and 4 months of travel around the world, it came to us to make a blog and we just decided to do it in the worst conditions as possible, here in Egypt where internet seems made by pharaohs not because its majestity but  for it crappy condition.

That leaded us to take this terrible decision was the felling that we are loosing many things, places, people and experienceces we don not want to fall into oblivion. Facebook got small for us to tell and explain stories and we realize that people lost time to play candy crush if they read something big size, therefore if you are reading this for sure you are not among those who are playing candy crush.


This is our top 5 of countries choosen by finger and heart*

1- India:

A Color, smells and taste chaos. the best and the worst of the human being you can find it in 10 mts. any definition is meaningless. either you love it or you hate it, or just both at the same time.


Allahabad, India, january 2013. the Sadhus of all over India gather at this celebration of the hinduism during the Rhumba Mela, the biggest religious celebration in the world. all in India is multitudinary.

2-New Zealand:

the most beautiful country we saw with one of the most civilized populations. All works good and its aboriginal culture is one of the most authentic of the world.


A metaphor about how is New Zealand, a little boat called Liberty.

A metaphor of how is New Zealand, a little boat called liberty.


Nice people,nice beaches, every island is a different culture under the same flag.


Bromo volcano, Java. Indonesia has an intense volcanic activity because its location over the fire ring of the pacific.

4- Taiwan:

The devil never pass through Taiwan, its people don’t know evilness. we never saw a single taiwanese angry but only when we crashed the acrylic of a motorbike that was on the pathway by mistake and the owner try to make us pay for it.


Taiwan east coast, the easiest country to hitch hike for far, we never wait more than 10 minutes, that talks about taiwanese hospitality.

5- Georgia:

the inventors of the wine must be in this top 5. humble and well educated people, generous , mountains, valleys, tasty food and cheap and above all too much history all comprised on a country of only 700 km wide.


the mountains of Caucasus and its valleys.

Bonus Track:


In the middle of the nowhere always there is a white rounded shape tent smoking, that’s Mongolia. and why so special ? is authentic , despite the progress is coming and maybe in the next generations will eat it up the 50 % of nomads that still lives on the steppes, plus they are buddhist, with all their color.


the ger and the nothing, that is the typical postcard of Mongolia despite more families are moving to the big cities and the nomad tradition is losing away.

golden boot for Japan

the nippons are an example in matter of social order based on mutual respect, something that is losing its significance in western culture although this has a cost that is reflected on the social pressure that they suffer for don’t be out of tune. anyway is a little, pretty, clean, safe country.


A japanese bride showing her dress at Ise, where the most sacred shintoist temple is.

*Este ranking esta sujeto a modificaciones

these ranking is subject to changes…

If we had a good internet connection, we would put more photos and fix some mistakes but computing is winning the race against us.

better times will come and more posts with it…

cheers ! Barbara and Dario.

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  1. Pablo Morales Andreau · agosto 6, 2016

    cool! thanks for sharing! very nice!

    Me gusta


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